What is the best beginner platform to start independent projects? + Issues with .py path

I want to work on following this project from the end of the “Dictionaries and Frequency Tables” mission, but I am struggling to find a platform that is easy for me to use and can also open files. I don’t mind using an online console but am not sure if those would be able to open files? Would I need to upload those files somewhere?

I was told to use Jupyterlab Notebook, but that installation looks very complicated.

I tried using Sublime Text, which is easy to install and very intuitive, but it cannot open files using the code used in the first parts of the mission. I researched and seemed like it might be a path variable issue (I save the code as a .py before Ctrl+B to execute the code), but I have added the program file path to the system path variables and I still get the “‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” error. My file path name IS rather long though, much longer than the “C:/python.exe” that I’ve been seeing on the Internet, so could that or the location of the program be the issue?

Finally, I’ve downloaded python 3.8 itself, but I find it hard to use as I cannot go back to edit the code if I make a mistake.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @yf99
Yeah Jupyter Notebook it’s a little bit complicated. However there is a package called Anaconda that basically have python and a lot of libraries used in datascience. And it’s easier to install and update (wich i recomend to do after it finish it’s install). The only thing that i don’t like about anaconda it’s the fact that the anaconda explorer use a considerable amount of RAM, but then you can launch Jupyter from the explorer and then close the explorer. And with Jupyter you can modify the code multiple times so it’s really awesome to learn and use

Good luck!

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