What is the console?

can someone please explain to me what the difference is between the “Console” and where you normally are directed to write the code?

Console is a program just like ‘command-prompt’ in windows and ‘shell’ in mac. You write a command and after each command/code, you see an output. So, if you write a line of code, the output will be immediately available.

‘where you normally are directed to write the code’ is a code editor. It’s a program where you write a block of code and it returns the end result after the whole block is executed. The editor has a lot of advanced functionality(DQ code editor perspective) which are not available in console. You might have seen that after executing in your code editor, you see a list of variables. You can see what each variable holds. If you have to do something like that in console, you would have to write a command to print it’s value everytime which is cumbersome.

Since this course is python based, I suggest you to use Pycharm to write python code “https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/”. You’ll get a feel of a code editor.

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got it, thank very much! Really appreciate the clear and thorough explanation!