What 'Practice Problems' should I complete for each 'Module'?

Hi there,

I just started working on the data science track and noticed a bunch of practice problems.

May I know what practice problems set should I complete after each module? For example, am I expected to work on all the NumPy and Pandas practice sets after completing ‘Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals’?

It’ll be good if we can get some sort of indicator or guidance on that.


I would say there are no expectations around what you should work on. The practice problems are there to help you, well, practice specific topics where you think you might want to improve. So, it is for you to decide. Of course, it’s better for your learning that you do go through them at some point.

That said, each section in the practice problems is based on the content Missions of the same name.

So, once you are done with Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals content, you definitely can go through the practice problems corresponding to the same title. Or, you can continue with the content and try those practice problems later.

I would actually recommend the latter. Try to do the practice problems after some time has passed since you completed the corresponding content. Spacing it out is more likely to help with long-term learning compared to doing them right after finishing that content.

Let me know if this helps or not.