What's the meaning of skewed in the context of bloxplot

Screen Link: https://app.dataquest.io/m/145/histograms-and-box-plots/9/next-steps

What’s the meaning of the following sentence?

user ratings from IMDB and Fandango are both skewed in the positive direction.


Hi @prateek


positive skew : The right tail is longer; the mass of the distribution is concentrated on the left of the figure. The distribution is said to be right-skewed , right-tailed , or skewed to the right , despite the fact that the curve itself appears to be skewed or leaning to the left; right instead refers to the right tail being drawn out and, often, the mean being skewed to the right of a typical center of the data. A right-skewed distribution usually appears as a left-leaning curve (source)

Though IMDB and Fandango boxplots right and left tails are well balanced, the two show very few values under 2, so we can say they are skewed to the right (higher user ratings) in comparison to RT and Metacritcs.