Where have lesson specific practice problems gone?

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since the updated dashboard i can no longer access lesson specific practice problems. before when i complete a lesson I would do the practice for that lesson but now all i get is random practices for lessons i haven’t done. anyone else getting this?

where can i view lesson specific practice problems? for example Cleaning and Preparing Data in Python - nothing appears in the search bar on the new practice page seems there is no way to access the practice

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I would suggest submitting this feedback to them directly. You can use the Contact Us button in the top-right of this page. They can then look into whether the UI needs to be updated or not.

Can you double-check on this? If you paste that in the search bar you do get the corresponding practice problems -

UI could be refined in some ways perhaps, and they keep adding practice problems as well, but hopefully, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find what you are looking for.

Very strange, this is what i get when i search the practice. Maybe i will have to contact directly

Hi @maxowenpersonal,

In the new interface, practice problems are shown based on the selected path. The above practice problem is not shown on your end because you have selected the Data Engineering path. Try searching again after you changed your path.