Where to access "Reading and Writing to Files" course?

Hi, I just wish to ask if there is a section on learning “Reading and Writing to Files” in the “Data Scientist in Python” path.

I’m currently on Step 1 so I’m not sure if this section exists in the “Data Scientist in Python” path. I’m not trying to skip ahead or anything, just curious if this learning section exists and whether I am able to learn about it as I complete this path.

The description seems to exist here (https://www.dataquest.io/m/452-reading-and-writing-to-files/)
but whenever I log in to ‘try the course’ it leads me to the dashboard, hence the confusion.

If this course doesn’t exist in the “Data Scientist in Python” path, could someone tell me where I can learn this in Dataquest? Thanks!

Hi @robin1997311 and welcome to the community!

I did a quick search of the catalog and see that Reading and Writing to Files is one of the lessons in Programming Concepts with Python course which is part of the Data Engineer path. You can see that here.

If you are interested in this lesson, there is no harm in switching over to Data Engineer in order to complete it and then return to your Data Scientist in Python path.

Hope this helps and happy coding!

I get the same result as you when I click on “Try this course” from the link you provided (it just takes me to the dashboard) but I am able to access the lesson through the link I’ve provided above. Best of luck!

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Thanks! This is the answer I wanted. I guess I’ll try the ‘Data Engineer’ path after I complete the current path :slight_smile:

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