Where to download avengers.csv

screen link: https://app.dataquest.io/m/102/challenge%3A-cleaning-data/4/filtering-out-bad-data

How can I download “avengers.csv”?
I wanted to work on my own machine!

Thank you beforehand!

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Hey @ilhomjon656798,

You can find the CSV file here!!

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You can do as @jenil2452000 said. Or if you want the same dataset that is used by DataQuest then here are the two ways to do get the dataset.

  • Click Open Console
    While in the console, you can use cat filename to print contents of a file. Since the name of the file is avengers.csv then run in the console
!cat avenges.csv

You can also use python code to print the contents of a file.

with open('avengers.csv') as file:

Then you can copy the output, create a file in your computer and paste the results.
I’ve attached the file that you want below
.avengers.csv (27.0 KB)


It has paid off!
Thank you all for your efforts!