Where to Learn Tableau?

I’ve been advised by a few friends that along with my Python knowledge, learning Tableau would help on the career path for a BI Analyst but can’t seem to find a solid source to learn from online.

Does anyone have experience with Tableau/Learning Tableau that could point me in the right direction?

I am planning to use the Udemy course ‘Tableau for Beginners: Get CA Certified, Grow Your Career’.
It has good reviews and I personally want to get the certification. But if you don’t plan to get the certification, there are other Udemy courses that are geared towards teaching Tableau under a ‘Data Science setting’.

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There are also a number of Tableau courses offered on Coursera.org by reputable Universities & other organizations that you can check out for free (via ‘auditing’), or pay for the certificate. I’ve mostly done a mix of Udemy (e.g. 'Tableau 2019, 2018, & 10: Certified Associate certification) and google searches. It helps when you’re working with real datasets for which you want to create dashboards.

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Thanks for the help everyone. Was a bit worried about the ones you had listed as I tend to look at the negative reviews more than the the good ones but seeing as we’re members here and you find them adequate I figure I can give it a try

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