Where to participate and gain more project expereince?

Beside guided projects within courses, is there any source/platform/group we can partipate and gain project experience, maybe solving a real work problem?

Hello @liux2225

There are many places where you can explore and participate to get your hands dirty. Among them
Kaggle is platform to compete with others in competitions which are based on machine learning tasks. You may also know about Codechef Hackerrank etc., so kaggle is also like them, but the key difference is the competition are only related to machine learning, data science, Deep learning or AI related. Most of time you have been given some training and testing dataset to build some good machine learning models and when you public your kernel , others will review it and then gives you upvotes .

How you can use it?

Well using Kaggle is really good thing for learning some trends and techniques in machine learning or data science. If you are really good in data science then I would suggest you to take part in competition. You will find dozens of them on Kaggle. If you are not really good in data science then you should use Kaggle for learning purpose. You can explore/practice kernels, read blogs, interviews of grand masters and winners of different competitions. You can read articles related to some techniques in data science. And when you get comfortable with data science then go to competition section and take part in competition.

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I would suggest you to start with AnalyticsVidhya . They have good beginner friendly projects:

Gradually , You can move to hackathons on Kaggle / Hackerearth.

If you need data for getting your hands dirty , you can check UCI ML Repositary.


This is really handful, i was struggling how i would participate in those competition given my coding skills (even thought i am almost done with data scientist path in pathon, i needs more practice for sure). but your comments definitely articulat a clear path for beginner to move forward. Appreciate!

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Thank you! This is a good source to know, i will definitely check it out.

Awesome, Iā€™m glad i could help :slight_smile: