Which dataquest projects to be added in Resume

Hi , I want to understand which Dataquest projects can be added to my resume which makes my resume more shortlisted . Please advise

Hi there! So typically you want to highlight 1-3 of your favorite projects on your resume. What I mean by this is, they don’t have to be the most complex projects, they don’t have to be the prettiest projects, simply the ones you enjoyed doing the most. You want to share these specific projects on your resume because these are the ones they’ll ask about in an interview and your explanation of these projects will come across a lot more passionate if you actually enjoyed doing them. That being said you can typically only fit 1-3 projects anyway on an actual 1 page resume. They can be the Dataquest guided projects, they can be personal projects, whichever ones you enjoyed doing the most. All you need to show is this:

Project Title

  • a summary of what your project is about, what did the data result to
  • a bullet describing the tools/tech behind your project: Utilizied; python, numpy, pandas, SQL, etc…