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Which is top 5 Business Intelligence Tools for Big Data Analyst in 2021?

Ever wondered how organizations make business decisions just based on the availability of data?

Well, business intelligence (BI) in combination with data mining, data tools, infrastructure, and business analytics helps organizations use the best practices to come up with the right decision. However, you can only know its practice when you can view the structural changes taking place within the company.

In the hands of a big data analyst, a business intelligence tool is likely to bring in better strategies.

Business intelligence tool: what it is?

Business intelligence tools gather, manipulate, transform, and analyze data to help businesses make positive and actionable decisions. However, it also depends from one organization to another organization to choose the type of tool they require for their business.

Besides the type of organization, selecting the right type of BI tool depends on other key features like the number of people who will be accessing it, the type of industry, and business needs. These BI tools encompass visual analytics, data visualization, KPI scorecards, and interactive dashboarding.

Below are the names of the BI tools for organizations to choose from.


Integrated with any SQL database, Looker, a browser-based tool is ideal for companies having small size employees. Therefore, it is perfect for startups, enterprise-grade businesses, and mid-size companies. The visualization is handy, easy to use with powerful collaboration features such as reports and data that can be shared through email and USL or perhaps can also be shared by integrating with other applications.

Best features:

  • The users easily can use the drag and drop feature while creating the dashboard

  • This tool gets connected to the SQL’s database

  • Real-time visualization is available on all devices

  • The tool gets installed in the Looker-hosted cloud or on-premise

  • It can also export visualizations to collaborate with others

SAS Business Intelligence

SAS also referred to as Statistical Analytical System is a BI tool that provides advanced data analysis. The advanced BI tool offers advanced predictive analytics to its users that give them the ability to leverage data for better-informed business decisions.

Best features:

  • Robust data analysis capability for the analytics and insights

  • It can enable by itself the self-integration method with analytics pipeline

  • Users can easily access data from over 60 data sources such as RDBMS, Hadoop, PC files, and Redshift

  • The tool provides a self-service, interactive, and easy interface used for blending, profiling, and cleaning data.

  • It gives the users access to advanced analytics even without the need to code

IBM Cognos Analytics

The IBM Cognos Analytics is a cloud-based and AI-fueled BI tool that utilizes AI recommendations during the analytics cycle. The AI-fueled tool help organizations curate interesting reports that are used across various industries like healthcare, retail, and eCommerce. Data is crucial for every organization and every data analytics professionals should know how to use data efficiently with the help of BI tools.

This tool easily identified and visualizes the hidden patterns and presents data in a visualized format. You don’t need to be an expert to work on this tool, it is simple and can be operated by anybody.

Best features:

  • An AI assistant that allows users to communicate with each other using plain language. As a result, you can choose the best suitable visualization

  • The search feature allows users to discover and access the latest used content within the software

  • This tool acts as a single data module since multiple data sources can be easily joined into a single module without even replacing the IT department


Tableau is one of the most common BI tools used by most data scientists and data analytics professionals working closely with data. Top companies like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Verizon use Tableau as their go-to BI tool to leverage data and gain powerful insights from the data.

This tool is ideal for converting raw data into a format that is understandable by other stakeholders.

Best features:

  • Can create real-time visualizations just by a few clicks

  • Easily installed on public cloud, on-premise, and on Tableau cloud

  • Offers a various range of features

  • Can be accessible on mobile and websites

  • Data can be sourced from cloud-based and even on-premise

SAP Business Intelligence

Offered by SAP, this powerful BI tool provides real-time analytics to organizations to help make business decisions. This tool is ideal, smart, and fast, which is one of the reasons why tech experts, gauging investors, information researchers, information engineers, and forecasting analysts prefer using this tool.

Best features:

  • Multiple functionalities in a single platform

  • Offers advanced analytics and also includes analysis, planning, real-time BI predictive analytics, and machine learning

  • Provides data visualizations in the form of mobile analytics, office integration, and visuals

  • Minimal coding is required that gets useful in auto charting and thus requires less support from the IT team

Concluding words

Business intelligence tools are powerful tools that help bridge the gap between data and the decision-making process. Using these tools, companies can make better decisions by analyzing past and present data.

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