Why are we using the parameter (DQ) for every class in the Object-Oriented Python mission?

I have just started object oriented programming and I see that DQ has asked us to give parameter(DQ) for every class. May i know why we doing that? It said it helps but I’m not able to see it’s use anywhere. and Is it just to the platform specific? or we can give parameters for class ?


This is clarified in the 4th Step of the OOP Mission.

In the rest of this mission, when you define a class in the code exercise, you’ll need to put DQ inside the parentheses:

class MyClass(DQ):

This makes the class inherit some special logic that allows our answer-checking system to work and give you feedback. We’ll remind you each time we tell you to define a new class so you don’t forget!

Why and how it works is related to a concept called Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming. Which is not something to worry about now. DQ is used by them to ensure that our answers can be checked by their Grader.

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