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Why do I need to create an empty vector?

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t create meter_measurements as an empty vector outside the for loop. I got this result:

I didn’t think it’d make any difference really, I thought I’d get the same results. Can someone explain to me why that happened?


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Hi @lih_meira,

I don’t know R so probably I won’t be able to help you :sweat_smile: Anyway, could you put a link to the mission screen with that issue? In this way, there is a chance that other learners who know R can help you better. Thank you!

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Hi, @Elena_Kosourova!
Thank you for the tip about the link to the mission screen. I’ll use this resource for my next posts.
I was able to find my answer, I made a small mess in this screen.

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