Why do we do the things in the courses?

Right now I’m doing the Data Cleaning Basics guided project but I’m getting confused. The instructions are clear like do this then do that, and even tough I know how to do it, i don’t know why I have to do what I’m being told without a question?
Example would be “we would like to know what car brand has the most expensive cars on average?”
Because some new methods like the Series.value_counts(normalize = True) where its just presented in the middle of the instructions without a reason why to use it i get confused.
I hope that’s not too confusing.

Hey @RayOjel

I may have a biased thought process over here.

However, sometimes it’s okay to face these pieces of codes. They give you a chance to experiment with them.

For this example, try to do the following and see the difference:

1st Try : Series.value_count()
2nd Try : Series.value_counts(normalize = True)

Just in case, Normalize calculates and gives the value counts as a Percentage, of an element in series.