Why every business analyst should learn R?

The analysis of business (BA) its skills, technologies, practices for a continuous iterative exploration of the dates of an organization and the examination of the previous commercial results with emphasis in the statistical analysis. Organizations that make decisions based on business analytics.

This Business Analytics with R course satisfies the demand of specialized resources of Business Analytics using the Open Source software R for data processing, visualization and Business Analytics.
Tenemos Job Secure with Business Analytics with R because R is open source and free. Increase the cost of software as well as cost of capital, freeing up financial resources to contract each of your analysts with advanced titles.
The new cloud paradigm is also minimizing hardware costs, reducing the total cost of statistical computing and making it much more affordable and accessible including for companies that are unable to invest miles of dollars in software licenses an analytical necessity, but not much software. presupuesto.
Having language skills in R can also make analysts a hero within their analytical department as they can help cut down on the annual budget costs for their department.