Why is the "Get Help" button in the Classroom have non-existing tags associated to each section?

I click on “Get Help” for any section and it opens up a page like - https://community.dataquest.io/search?q=tags:350-10

That tag 350-10 is supposed to be associated to that particular section. But there’s no question, nothing related to that tag in the forum.

So I try to ask a new question, and try to use that tag, but there’s no existing tag for that either.

It could have been a smoother and much more helpful experience if we could ask questions and look up existing questions for specific questions. And manually searching based on keywords or phrases has its own drawbacks and many times not that helpful.

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HI @the_doctor,

That is exactly our plan with the tags. Our community is fairly new. This is why you were not able to find any question for screen 10 of mission 350.


If you click on the above link, you will be able to see questions for that screen. Hopefully, over time, almost all of our screens will have tags.

The tags are automatically added if your submitted post contains a mission screen link :


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