Why is this a series and not a DF under pandas?

Screen Link:

Introduction To Pandas | Dataquest
My Code:

motor_bool = f500['industry']=='Motor Vehicles and Parts'
motor_countries = f500.loc[motor_bool, 'country']

What I expected to happen:
I understand how the code worked. my query is that the output has 2 columns - country and industry - shouldn’t it be df type rather series type ? Isn’t a series suppose to have only 1 column ?

What actually happened:

Replace this line with the output/error

Great question!

But, the output does not have two columns.

The first line of code is returning a Series with one column that has Boolean values. It’s a Series that tells us whether the Index corresponds to that particular industry or not. It’s not giving us rows corresponding to industry. It’s only giving us rows with True or False values depending on what meets the condition.

And because it’s a Boolean column/Series, when used by loc on the country column, it extracts rows from the country column where the rows were True in motor_bool.

This is what that Mission’s content is trying to teach us as well. How Boolean indexing works.

You can read more about pandas.DataFrame.loc — pandas 1.3.1 documentation to see how it handles that Boolean input.

Yes. motor_countries has only one column - country.

Thanks . Got it . Output is 1 column i.e. country . Boolean mask is not an ouput.