Why is this code not accepted even though it's identical to the suggested answer?

Screen Link:

My Code:

# Add code here, before creating the Basemap instance.
fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize= (20,15))
plt.title("Scaled Up Earth With Coastlines")
m = Basemap(projection='merc', llcrnrlat=-80, urcrnrlat=80, llcrnrlon=-180, urcrnrlon=180)
longitudes = airports["longitude"].tolist()
latitudes = airports["latitude"].tolist()
x, y = m(longitudes, latitudes)
m.scatter(x, y, s=1)

What I expected to happen:
My answer to be accepted

What actually happened:
The answer was rejected:

Your 1st plot doesn't match what we expected

It seems the only differences between the plot I generated and the proposed one in the answer is the font-size of the tits (mine is slightly smaller). I am using the default font size.

For figsize= (w,h), the first parameter is width and the second is height. The instruction says
create a figure with a height of 20 inches and a width of 15 inches. So it should be figsize=(15,20).
You have created the otherway. Hope this solves the issue.


Yes, it does. My bad, really should’ve spotted this. Thank you.

hey @nadhemd

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