Why Q3 is 'Sample'?

Link to Course: https://app.dataquest.io/m/283/sampling/3/populations-and-samples

I am trying to understand, as both questions (Q3 & Q4) in general want a minimum numerical value from a set/subset.

How can we do sampling in Q3 to get minimum salary, for entire company ? We already have ‘all’ the salary data, then isn’t it obvious with sampling we may not get the correct result. i.e. If we miss taking the employee who has the minimum salary in HR department in our sample

Little confused, with scenario. If anyone can give a short & crisp understanding of answers, it would be very helpful.

EDIT: The way I understood, is that in beginning it mentioned we can’t have 50000 people surveyed. But then its mentioned we have all 50000 surveyed. The only difference i observed, whenever the question targets analysis on a subset, it becomes a ‘population’.

Hey @alihabib

I think it is good to provide the Mission link followed by details. This will help to solve the problem swiftly.

Thanks for understanding.


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@alihabib: Here are the question guidelines.

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