Why we are using apply instead of applymap in the dataframe factors_impact?

Hi! I had understood that apply() works for a series (single column) and applymap() for a dataframe (several columns). However, when I use applymap() in factors_impact (which has 6 columns) it gives a weird output (3 results per data), and the apply() method works fine instead. Then, I do not understand anything anymore. Are we using apply() for dataframes? What is the usage of applymap() then???

Ah!!! I see now, it is explained at the end of the mission. There are two different methods, and when we sue apply() to a dataframe, we do it vectorized, so faster. Them why would somebody use applymap()??

Hi @ncirauqu:

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Check out this article and this other.

Hi!! Thanks so much for the link!! I really wanted to know how to link my posts

The URL to the mission is:

@ncirauqu Looks good to me. Remember to do this in future when asking questions to make answering of questions by volunteers easier