Will data quest qualify me for a Data Engineer entry level job


I want to secure a new position as a data engineer - I have a first class economics degree so have a sound knowledge of math, economic and financial theory. I currently work in recruitment :frowning: where i place data candidates.

I have read different things online, upon completing data quest would i be qualified to apply for entry level data engineer roles? I would be happy for internships, grad roles/ anything to get my foot through the door

any advice would be great


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Hey @maxowenpersonal,

Yes, you will.

In fact, we designed our Data Engineer path to help someone exactly like you!

It will equip you with the knowledge you need to optimize processes for big data, build data pipelines, and more. It’ll teach you how to use Python and pandas to work with large data sets, and load and pipe data through a Postgres database.

Hope this is helpful. :slight_smile: