Winning Jeopardy Variable observed_expected

Screen Link: Learn data science with Python and R projects

I’m looking for clarification on why the observed_expected variable is named the way it is. Doesn’t it only contain observed values? The observed high count and the observed low count? I’m confused and concerned I might be missing something.


Hi @erath.kj

A very delayed response. Great if you have already worked this out.

If not, perhaps we both might be reading too much into this. According to the given task, we do calculate the observed values and store them in the variable. However, in the next screen, we calculate the proportion of these values and then calculate the expected value. So maybe that’s why the author chose this variable name!?

You can put any variable name you feel that makes more sense and helps in understanding code better in your project, as long as it follows the guidelines and doesn’t not alter the objective of the project.

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