Won't connect to chinook

Hi. I am trying to do the sql project that uses chinook.db. I have my own local jupyter notebook that I use and I input:

%load_ext sql
%sql sqlite:///chinook.db

But there is no connection established. It works in the jupyter notebook within dataquest, but not mine., Why is this? Do I need to download chinook?

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Yes you need to download chinook.db and place it in the same folder (root folder) where you have jupyter. Only then you can establish connection. Hope this would solve your issue.

Hi. I have a mac and don’t know what you mean by “placing in the root folder.” Is this on my computer or within jupyter?

I have it downloaded on my computer and uploaded it to my jupyter notebook…

I mean the default location where you save your .ipynb files. When you open Jupyter notebook, it would show the files/folder at the root folder. You need to place it at the same location.

Do mean that I should have the jupyter application in the same place as my db/ipynb files on my computer? Or do you mean that I should make a new folder and place the .db and my project in the same folder on jupyter? I didn’t have this issue with the last project.

Yes it should be in same place. Another option is to provide the path where you saved the db as shown below:
%sql sqlite:///PATH\chinook.db