Working of the RE

Screen Link:

My Code:


What I expected to happen:
If i use the above code for the url
then is should return thew whole url
because the syntax include . means any char except newline, tab etc … and this include ? also then ([\w\-\.]+) should return the whole url till params.
What actually happened:

Why it stops before ? and doesn’t read further?

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Because you’ve not specified them.

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But the . read those character and it includes all char in
Consider for this part:
if i write r"([\w\-\.]+)" ,then it should read but that code only gives : and not proceed further, it should not stop before ? and give that whole url as an output but this doesn’t happen why??

No @nishu123tushar, it returns the correct string because according to pattern you are selecting one or more (+) alphanumeric or underscore (\w) with skipped dash and dot character (\-, \.).

Dot in the last of pattern is with backslash not alone that’s why its not reading the characters.