Working with Dates and Times: Next Steps


I am currently on the next steps page of the Dates And Times In Python. On the previous screen, I got the following results when calculating the max and min:

In the next steps page we are encouraged to think about why these values are larger than you might expect. The value of 2:29:00 seems okay to me, but I do not understand how for the maximum value the length of the meeting is of 16 days, 12:59:00.

Could you please help me understand? I tried printing the appt_lenghts dictionary and I noticed that the values are timedelta and as far as they know they are shown in seconds. Other than that, I don’t seem to find the issue.

Thank you beforehand,
Leonel Colina

Hey Tang!

This question is meant for you to broaden your analysis so you can formulate your own hypothesis on why some values are out of the ordinary— it might be worth looking into which visitor was attached to this 16 day meeting, for example. It also might be worth exploring when this meeting took place — did it take place over the holidays, perhaps, or were there other political happenings occurring around this time?

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Thank you for your response. I went back to check the results, and there are actually multiple visitors with the same time (a group, perhaps?). There is something I noticed:

My doubt is whether the 18 and 12 are referring to days or hours? If there is a mistake in the data, that might explain why it’s giving us days instead of hours. If those values are indeed for days, then I have no idea why that might be happening. The meetings were in the state floor, no reason is given.

Please, I’ve been stuck in this for days (I don’t want to continue until I figure this one out). If you have any insight I would highly appreciate it.

Seems to be en error entering the data but 16 days is correct.
Must have been a group of people visiting.

So, it it safe to assume that they stayed there for all that time? I thought they were just appointments

I doubt they stayed there for 16 days.
Doesn’t matter for us, we just wanted to check min/max which we did. Time to move on.