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Workspace for Researchers based on mindmap


During my PhD studying, I worked on modeling functions of consciousness (this was a project on AI \ Cognitive Psychology areas). My research was devoted to modeling goal generation and making plan processes. We built our model upon the basis of a semiotic network and some ML-algorithms to infer basic component of network signs from raw data.

After that and upon on my research results I started new project. Part of the project is based on my ideas and hypothesis about people visual attention models and thinking process in general (and mindmap looks like good a start point for that) and another (engineering) part is about online productivity tools\teamware.

So if you’re interested in a workspace for your research or your team, please take a look at this service -

Looking forward to some feedback.

I also use RedForester for my own purposes as academy teacher. If somebody from DataQuest (excellent learning platform!) could take a comment on my MVP I would be very thankful.


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