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Maybe the topic is a bit out of this Community’s purpose, but I rely on your opinion.
I recently subscribed to the DS path and in an effort to become more productive, I want to purchase a monitor, so as to expand the desktop layout. So, I wondered if an ultra wide monitor (2K res - 2560x1080) could get me there more efficiently than a 2-monitor setup.

  1. Does anyone utilise such a monitor?
  2. Since I use a Macbook pro (retina), has anyone tried to connect a similar device to an ultra wide screen?
  3. Any monitor recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey @makis_plegas!

I’m definitely not an expert on hardware, but I use an ultra wide monitor and a Macbook pro and find that it’s a much easier set up. I don’t find myself losing screens as often, and having less open is easier for me. When I work on DQ material, I usually have it open in one window, and split the screen with another window where I am researching questions/have the community open/etc.

I hope others have more wisdom to share! It might be a personal preference thing.

I do have setup with two additional external monitors and use an external wireless keyboard. Most of the time, I only use one of the external monitor.

You can start with one monitor first.

An additional monitor depends on four factors

  • purpose. If you are getting an additional monitor to have an additional view space for projects or work. Then, you don’t need to get a high resolution monitor. An external monitor with 1080p resolution or equal resolution to the MacBook Pro is fine. If you plan to watch movies or play games, then you might want to consider a much higher resolution in order for a better return of your investment.

  • space on your desk. Is there enough space to support an additional external monitor?

  • type of port available on monitor that is compatible with your MacBook Pro (MBP) port. If there isn’t a thunderbolt port on the external monitor, then you have to purchase an additional dongle (i.e. conversion from thunderbolt to HDMI).

  • higher resolution incurs more memory or gpu usage.

Suppose you have 2160p(4k) external monitor to laptop with 1080p resolution. Then GPU has to generate 4 times the pixel count compared to built in screen

4times means 4x GPU usage, 4xGPU memory usage.

If this laptop has only intel gpu, then 4x GPU memory usage gets ‘taken’ from regular memory(RAM) - leaving you with less memory for i.e. cad/adobe - which will leave you with slower response in projects.

I do not have a GPU on my old MBP. Therefore, whenever I connect to an additional monitor, my RAM usage always max out.

As such, recently, I have using my MBP without any additional monitor.

Also, Safari is the most optimized lightweight browser to run on MacOS. Safari uses less RAM compare to Firefox and Chrome.

I select the cheapest recommended option on Amazon prime. Any monitor dimension greater than or equal to 21" is reasonable.

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Hi Mary,

thanks for the immediate response. Could you please tell me the ultra wide model you use and whether the MacBook Pro utilises the full resolution properly? Many forums mention that the MacBooks cannot render the 1080p. Also, what type of port do you use?

Thank you very much!

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