Would like an opinion on my Guided project

Hey all!

Iā€™d played with visualizations on my own and would like to as for an opinion :slight_smile: Search for " Other visualization explored on my own" text in notebook to save time. Thank you in advance!

Guided Project - Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors.ipynb (623.2 KB)

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Hi @MaksymKarazieiev

If you write some text about what you are doing in the Notebook then it will be better for others to understand.

Suggestion: Make a habit of writing about your project like, What are you doing in this project? What are you going to do after getting that result in the notebook? (after doing some operations on the dataset).

I am not pro in Data Science but I saw some Data Scientist Notebook on other platforms. According to that, this is the feedback from my side.

Happy Coding :slightly_smiling_face: .