Would like to create open source database registry - is this possible?

Hello everyone,
Little background, I am a physical therapist (physiotherapist) and have been enjoying the courses. One of the primary reasons I started taking the courses was to learn more about how to analyze data to eventually work on answering questions within the area of physical therapy healthcare as to how much care is the right amount. However, one limitation within this area of healthcare is that all current major datasets involving outcomes and quality of care in relation to patients versus their progress from the care provided are private, closed sources. They require significant fees and are proprietary. I think there is a desperate need for an open source version that could be accessed widespread. However, I have no idea how this could be achieved. Anyone here have ideas or know of steps to take?

It would need to be something that any therapist that wanted to participate could contribute to. Also, allow for anyone to access the database and then they can analyse it however they want.

Thanks for any guidance or ideas!