Wrong data set? Artworks.csv

Hello people!

So I am at Cleaning and Preparing Data in Python stage of the course and have already opened the Artworks data set. However I think I have the wrong data set because according to the course the following code should return the ‘Nationality’ of the Artist as shown below:

However I am getting something else as output. Following is the header and first row of my data set. Please let me know if it is the correct data set.

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Hi Shaban,
It seems like you are working on the wrong dataset.
Could you please specify the contents of artworks.csv

Please find below a screenshot of the header and first row of the dataset that I have:

I downloaded it from GitHub page of MOMA but i guess its not the right one. Please let me know where I can download the correct data set from.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Shaban,
You can download the dataset from dataset preview tool.

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