X isn’t defined in your code, but we expected it to be Y type

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This error message is usually produced by our system when it is not able to find an expected variable name in your code. For example, let’s say instead of avg_rating, you have typed avg_ratings. It will generate the above error message. However, it is also possible that you are getting this error because of a platform issue like the answer checking system failed to load correctly.


If you are experiencing this error, please click on the :point_up_2: Vote button to help us prioritize this issue. If you need any further help or want to report a new bug, please feel free to Contact Us.

The first step is to check for any obvious mistakes like a typo in the expected variable. If you are not able to figure out the problem, it is possible that you are getting this error due to a platform issue. In that case, please try performing a hard refresh and rerun your code.

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