X_lim, y_lim need in the ratings


I had 2 questions while working on scatter plots.

  1. What data points does Scatter plot actually mark? Are the data points from both the axis mapped independently and compared? Or do we use x-axis values and map them according to the y-axis values, if that’s the case, how can I compare Fandango Ratings to Rotten Tomatoes rating?

  2. I was working on x_lim() and y_lim() and I wanted to understand that since we had all the ratings normalized between (0,5) why did we need to use x_lim() and y_lim(), are they not already in range?

Please help!

Hi @sarthakrege:

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1 point in a scatter plot comes from the interconnection of the x datapoint and the y datapoint

By default there is autoscaling by matplotlib, but some times you need to force the limits, that’s why you’ll have to use either x_lim or y_lim or both.
xlim Docs
ylim Docs

You need to variables/columns to create a scatter plot. The x and y axis can vary but the output will be the same.