Your Guided Project Needs A Second Look!

Hey there DataQuest Learners! Ready to submit your project to the community? Mind giving a second look before you post? Reasons - well here are a few:

  • Have you proofread your project for any missed syntax errors or system warnings due to accidental re-runs of code!?

In case you have intentionally left the warnings/ errors as part of the process and have shown the workaround for them in the next or later code pieces, or are skipping for now, and intend to work on them later; try to include a markdown briefly summarizing your thought process, so that it is understood by the reader and the project doesn’t look void of a coherent narrative.

  • If you have researched and found something totally new, and incorporated that into your project, has it been highlighted - i.e. is the addition accompanied by relevant comments/ description/ brief explanation/ efficient reasoning? It could be anything:
    • A piece of code
    • A different approach to a code
    • A function defined to be reused throughout the project
    • A different and more focussed plot - to strengthen the approach or detail the analysis
    • Analysis of a subset as a test case, before performing the analysis on the complete dataset
    • Additional data that you worked with to complement your analysis and/or conclusions

P.S. You can call them out while creating a suitable Topic as well for the DataQuest Community post; this could also help to draw more fellow learners!

  • Have you attached a link or reference to an interesting article/ blog/ documentation, etc. you came across while working, that is relevant to the project?

This would show your approach or conclusions are not some random thoughts or assumptions - rather you processed them based on valid references.

  • If you have taken inspiration from a fellow learner’s work, have you provided them due credits? If we can do that on FB, Insta, and YT, then why not in our learning journey!

This suggestion is inspired by fellow learners @alijajedonis and @nlong and their respective project submissions:

P.S. You may highlight your peer’s work in the project itself or the project post.


Fantastic piece @Rucha still resonates with me despite it being posted a long time ago.

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