Your ideas on a new desktop machine and how to access internet w/out wifi

Hmm. I hope this an OK place to ask this type of question.

What do you all think would be a good solution for a desktop machine. I currently have a 2017 iMac retina 4K with a SATA drive. It is buggy and sometimes very slow to do things with memory, like opening up multiple mem hogs (i.e. iMovie and Photos at the same time) or even Chrome.

But the monitor is great. I also have a macbook pro that I quite like. So one thought was to replace the desktop with a nice monitor for the macbook at home and also get a “booster” monitor for when I’m using the laptop away from home. I don’t like the keyboard very much though and I’m not thrilled about typing on it forever. Maybe a mac-mini?

Or maybe just learn a whole new operating system and build a Linux machine?

Also, what is the preferred way to get internet access on your laptop when you don’t have wifi or it’s a bad connection. Do you pay to use your cell as a hotspot or USB tethering? I need to be able to study away from home sometimes for a few hours at a time. I live in the US in Washington state.

Thanks for your ideas! I’m doing some life rebuilding here and have an opportunity to do a couple things right the first time. :wink:

yep! @brucemcminn

Install linux into this machine.

The rebirth became real.


Hi @brucemcminn

When I can’t use my wifi, I use my phone’s 4G hotspot and most of the things do work great by using Personal Hotspot on the phone. It gives me a good speed, at times close to 50mbps or more. If you have 5G available, I believe it will be even faster.

And talking about wifi, in fact I am using a wireless service powered by 4g sim. For my budget and internet needs it is working fine.