ZL Guided Project: Popular Data Science Questions

Hello DQ Community,

It has been a while since I last shared a project. I am sharing my latest guided project (Popular Data Science Questions). Any feedback on the code or visualizations will be deeply appreciated.

Popular Data Science Questions.ipynb (147.9 KB)

As always thanks for your help!!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi Zalopez,

I just gone through your project. I love you meticulously explained the point of each part, and also your visualisation is on point! If you could add a short summary at the beginning explaining the rationality behind the project, it would be superb!

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Hi Zalopez,

I just looked through your code again and there is this little bit I think it is brilliant but I could not figure it out

StackExchange["Tags"] = StackExchange["Tags"].str.replace("^<","").str.replace(">$","").str.split("><")

Would you mind explaining for me why you used “^<” and “>$”. It works perfectly to distinguish between the “<” and the “>” at the end, when I tried replace(">", "") , I always getting machine learning,

So please, I would love to hear how you figure these out!

Hi minhha3806,

I think Zalopez figured that out through using regex syntax: “^abc$” are anchors; “^” refers to the beginning of the string and “$” refers to the end of the string, so “^<” refers to the “<” at the beginning of the string and “>$” refers to “>” at the end of the string. I usually refer to regexr.com to review regular expression syntax. They have a handy cheatsheet.

All the best,