zProject share: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys + BONUS: My first, own library on www.pypi.org :)

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just finished my Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys guided project. The project itself isn’t exiting a lot :neutral_face: but! I finally made my dream come true and finally markdowns look great. The looks like I wanted for the last 5 months. It might be not very noticeable at first, but looking closely you can find pictures inside markdowns! They are engined by the module I’ve written: get_gifNimage() . And that’s not all!. The module is finally prepared and uploaded to pypi.org. Creating this module to the form as it is now, took me almost two months :skull_and_crossbones:. But it was worth it. :sunglasses:

Now, If you download my project and run it into Jupyter Notebook, by importing my module, it should find all pictures needed, download them and display them in the markdowns cells. Even if pictures will be gone someday in the future, if my function succeeds in downloading them now, it will display them anyway without throwing an error like, for example: Error page not found.

My project:
6. Guided Project Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (388.0 KB)

"view in a new tab(below) doesn't display pictures if you want to see all, you need to download it and run in in Anaconda/Jupyter etc"

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

My own library:

I will create some easy form of description and “inside mechanics” of my get_gifNimage() module soon. :wink: :sunglasses: